Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Daily Office Reflection: Wednesday in Holy Week

Psalms 55 * 74; Jeremiah 17:5-10,14-17; Philippians 4:1-13; John 12:27-36

Sometimes our different lectionaries have weird convergences. This Gospel from John was our Sunday selection a week ago this past Sunday (a day that I preached in my parish). This Gospel was also the selection for the Eucharist on Tuesday in Holy Week (yesterday), again a service that I preached. And now we have this same selection today in our Daily Office lectionary. 

I have thought about the humanness of Jesus in this passage. I have thought about the divine nature that resides within Jesus because of this passage. I have thought about the denseness of those around Jesus, and my own denseness in not comprehending and not living into the life Jesus is calling us. I have thought about hiding - something particularly attractive this Holy Week right about now. 

What strikes me the most this morning is how strong Jesus is in these passages, how sure he is of what he has to do, no matter the personal cost to him. There is solace here for us as we struggle down this road of Holy Week.

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