Saturday, April 25, 2009

Daily Office Reflection: St. Mark the Evangelist

MP: Psalm 145; Ecclesiasicus 2:1-11; Acts 12:25-13:3
EP: Psalms 67, 96; Isaiah 62:6-12; 2Timothy 4:1-11

There are many traditions about St. Mark that have ben passed down through the ages. Lesser Feasts and Fasts tells us that Mark is believed to have been the son of a woman in who's house Jesus stayed. He is credited with being the Mark who started traveling with Paul but left for less than stellar reasons but later reconciled with Paul and became good friends with Peter. Mark is said to have been the first bishop in Alexandria and an early bishop of Asia Minor credited Mark as the writer of the Gospel given his name.

There is mystery here that is part of our faith. Just as importantly there is humanness here. Mark was not a key player in Jesus' story: tradition says he was a witness to it though. He was very human in his dealings with the cranky St. Paul, he made mistakes and found a way back from them to continue spreading the word about Jesus as best as he could. His was apparently a somewhat messy life and yet one that had great impact: not so much about him, himself, but about the one whom he dedicated his life, Jesus. That is a remarkable life worthy of remembrance this day.

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