Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Daily Office Reflection: Spirit Life

Psalms 5, 6 * 10, 11; Job 6:1-4,8-15,21; Acts 9:32-43; John 6:60-71

There are times we are inexplicably moved to "do" things. We can find ourselves all of a sudden doing something that is unusual for us, out of bounds, so to speak, from what we habitually find ourselves doing. Psychologists will work with an individual who is in a therapeutic relationship to drill down into that person's psyche to figure out what is driving that behavior, and this, many times, can bring an answer to the impulse or action being explored. There are other times when we cannot explain why we have done something.

Whichever is the case, I believe the Spirit is involved in those actions. Whether it is the Spirit leading those deep rooted desires from deep within ourselves to come out bringing us to action, or whether the Spirit surprises us with our ability to do something we thought to be unheard of and impossible for us to accomplish. The Spirit gives life Jesus says today. He tells us his words are spirit and life. This encounter with those following him comes right after he has told them it is necessary for them to eat his flesh and drink his blood, and he is questioned about how they are to understand this. My words are spirit and life and the Spirit gives life he responds.

It is a good thing to understand what drives us and from where, deep within us we might be driven to do the unexpected. It is equally as important to give credit to the Spirit working in our lives and in the world to help us move ever closer to God.

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