Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Daily Office Reflection: Proper Focus

Psalms (120), 121, 122, 123 * 124, 125, 126 (127); Judges 18:1-15; Acts 8:1-13; John 5:30-47

So much of human history and human life is spent idolizing other human beings. Many of these folks did great things at huge personal cost to themselves. Others of these idolized individuals did it for personal gain and self-aggrandizement. All of them have died (or will at some point) and new "gods" will be raised in their place.

It is so easy to point to others and say "look at how great they are. I could never do that." Perhaps we can't do exactly what these others do, but we all have gifts. Gifts to share with others who need them, not for our own benefit, but for the benefit of creating God's kingdom, here and now.  

Jesus reminds us of these things today with his condemnation of the scribes and pharisees for looking for salvation in the written word as opposed to finding salvation in Jesus. 

It is a great honor to be applauded for our talents and successes, but that glory given is often by humans and for humans. Jesus says today "I do not accept glory from human beings." He knows his glory comes from God alone, where ours does as well. Accolades and congratulations are all wonderful, yet temporal, things. We always need to be focused on the glory that comes from God and on those works of ours that perhaps go un-applauded, yet have lasting impact.

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