Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Daily Office Reflection: Amateur Night

MP: Psalms 46, 48; Isaiah 26:1-9; 2 Cor 5:16-6:2; John 8:12-19
EP: Psalm 90; Isaiah 65:15b-25; Revelation 21:1-6

New Year's Eve has a reputation and a history of being "Amateur Night." There is this mythology that folks have to have a good time, have to drink, have to stay up to midnight. I've done my share of carousing and bar-hopping on this night and have always been amazed at the forced party-nature of so many people, fueled by the consumption of way too much alcohol. I much prefer to gather with a few friends, have a nice (late) dinner and share laughs than be out in the midst of drunks who have forced jovial spirits. 

Starting a New Year is nothing to ignore. There are such great possibilities, endless opportunities to grow and become our better selves and to meet God. Each and everyday offers us that opportunity.

Whatever is happening tonight, (not to date myself too much but, here goes)...... Be safe out there folks.

Happy New Year.

Copyright 2008, John F. Dwyer. All Rights Reserved.

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