Monday, September 29, 2008

Daily Office Reflection: St. Michael & All Angels

MP: Psalms 8, 148; Job 38:1-7; Hebrews 1:1-14
EP: Psalms 34, 150 or 104; Daniel 12:1-3 or 2Kings 6:8-17; Mark 13:21-27 or Revelation 5:1-14

Lesser Feasts and Fasts tells us today that the word angel means messenger, even though over the course of centuries angels have become known as and have been depicted like otherworldly winged humans robed in white.I think angels are something else.  And messenger can mean many different things, take many different guises, both good and bad. 

In our MP lessons today we are reminded of two things: in Job we are reminded that although we like to put human characteristics upon God, it is meaningless to do so because God is God, who created the earth and all that is on it. Likewise trying to explain angels by placing those same human characteristics upon them is also as pointless. And in Hebrews we hear that great line (words used in one of our Eucharistic Prayers) in these last days. Here we are listening to elements of a theology of the kingdom, the kingdom being present here and now.

Interesting readings assigned to Michael and All Angels: to Michael and all messengers that we have from God. God hasn't stopped communicating with us, communing with us for we have the proof of that by the Incarnation. We all are created in God's image, all of us in our complexity and differences. The Incarnation brings God's love to us "home", to help us understand this beautiful fact: that God's love for us is personal and we are known. And although we don't have the corporeal Jesus with us, God has gifted us the Spirit to aid in guiding us. Part of that whole Spirit-thing is being cognizant to and on the look out for messengers in these last days.  For we are in the Kingdom now and we are called to strive for perfection, no matter how impossible that may be.

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