Monday, September 8, 2008

Daily Office Reflection: One

Psalms 41, 52 * 44; Job 32:1-10,19-33:1,19-28; Acts 13:44-52; John 10:19-30

Yesterday was "opening" Sunday at the parish that I serve. The crowds were back. The summer schedule is over, beach houses/shares are closed for the season, an ordinary time was really marked yesterday. A joyful celebration and festive coffee hour with friends being reacquainted and folks who have made the parish their home over the summer being somewhat overwhelmed by all these "new" people who have entered their worship space, to say nothing of the choir that has returned and now fills the space with their luscious voices leading us to renewed singing efforts.

Everything was just wonderful, and exhausting. And I wonder if Jesus was getting exhausted by the constant and annoying questions pushed at him when he was trying to worship God in the synagogue. He ends his response to them today with the simple yet awesome sentence: The Father and I are one. One.

Just as we, the parish at which I serve, and in truth all Christians the world over, are the Body of Christ in the world today, are One. Those new (summer) folk are one with the long time parishioners who have found their way back after a summer's weekend leisure time spent elsewhere. It is up to us to remember that, to act that out in whatever way we can. We are One, in all our complex differences, and shapes and sizes. We are One.

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