Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Daily Office Reflection: To Whom We Listen

Psalms 45 * 47, 48; Ecclesiastes 2:16-26; Galatians 1:18-2:10; Matthew 13:53-58

We reach the end of Jesus visiting his hometown today, where just prior we heard about healings giving way to arguments with the Pharisees, leading to Jesus talking to his disciples about what "the kingdom of God is like". Jesus tries to teach in his hometown synagogue but the folks there took offense at him. After all, they knew him from a child - who was he to teach them?

So often in life that trite phrase "familiarity breeds contempt" proves true. We see that phrase play out in today's Gospel reading. So often in life we are looking for that "new thing" to follow, to lead us someplace exciting and new. Having a fresh set of eyes on something has great value, many times. But, what about those whom we get to know well, do we listen to them still? I think what happens today in our Gospel exemplifies the need for being able to be balanced in our consideration of ideas: are we high-tailing it after a new fad simply because we bored with the old? Are we discounting what someone has to say because we think we know them and what they are going to say? Are we able to listen and not be reactive? Can we see the gifts that are right in front of us?

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