Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Daily Office Reflection: Wednesday in Easter Week

Psalms 97, 99 * 115; Exodus 12:40-51; 1Corinthians 15:(29)30-41; Matthew 28:1-16

We are blessed this week being given the Resurrection narratives of Mark, Matthew and Luke. Many look at these and marvel at the differences between the three. I prefer to, although acknowledging their differences, focus instead on their striking similarities.

If we think about how stories get passed down, person to person, from age to age, the accounts of the repeated story can differ quite dramatically, making it sometimes unrecognizable. When these accounts of Jesus' Resurrection (and his life and ministry) were written down well after his life, death, resurrection and ascension, there would have to have been differences in: how the story was told, the order of the narrative, different emphasis on various parts of Jesus' ministry.

Does it really matter who rolled back the stone to uncover Jesus' tomb? The women who loved Jesus came to that tomb and found it empty, and (depending on which Gospel we are reading) reacted differently, some immediately, some eventually, understanding the import of his Resurrection.

Jesus is arisen. Not much more is important.

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