Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Daily Office Reflection: Water and Wine

Psalms 103 * 114, 115; Isaiah 52:3-6; Revelation 2:1-7; John 2:1-11

This is a remarkable story: deeply nuanced, deeply moving. One of those nuances makes this vivid account of family dynamics at work a reason I really love this miracle story.  A mother, recognizing the abilities of her son obliquely guides him to announcing his presence and power in the world. A son, possibly annoyed at his parent for not being direct about a request, does what she wants him to do, although seemingly with a bit of crankiness involved. And in the Gospel of John, here is the beginning of Jesus' ministry: not an accidental ministry, but perhaps one pushed along by a parent who believes Jesus is ready.

Mary obviously knew her son very well and knew which buttons to push to get him to do something she wanted him to do. Who do we know who needs to be pushed some, perhaps out of a zone of safety? Where in our lives do we need to be pushed to achieve a potential for ourselves that we may not think we are ready for? We are amazing beings, able to accomplish unimaginable things...sometimes a little push is all we need.

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