Thursday, December 19, 2013

Daily Office Reflection: Readiness

Out of Focus, #5, 2013, jfd+
Zechariah 4:1-14; Revelation 4:9-5:5; Matthew 25:1-13, Psalms: 50 * 59, 60

We are six days away from celebrating, yet again, the birth of Jesus (five days from all those Eve services...and gatherings and parties). And I'm a bit torn, thinking, How did that happen? So soon? Juxtaposed against thinking, Wow, finally....There is so much happening, going on, during this season, that time can seem fleeting. Yet, the commercial aspects of this season have rolled back to (in some cases) before the end of October and Halloween, making it seem interminable.

What we hear in Matthew today, about the ten bridesmaids, five being ready and five not ready, and Jesus' admonition to keep awake, might help with this feeling of being torn. We are getting to the end of Matthew's Gospel, and Jesus is getting his last words-in for his disciples to hear - Matthew is getting to the end of his storyline and wants to make sure his listeners get the point -

We are called as followers of Jesus, our God/Human/Spirit Trinity, to always be working toward the development of the kingdom Jesus opens for all of us, and to not get distracted by things that do not accomplish that purpose. Are we ready? Are we truly ready to start again five days from now with this celebration of God come amongst us?

Probably not. For this demand to always be ready is an impossibility for any of us to accomplish alone. But working together, remembering that we are not in this alone, can help move the ball down the field a smidge...can help make the world better and more kingdom-like, readying the playing field for those who follow us to continue those efforts.

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