Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Daily Office Reflection: Are We Done Yet?

Psalms 119:49-72 * 49 (53); Zechariah 5:1-10; Revelation 4:1-8; Matthew 24:45-51

In our Gospel reading from Matthew this morning Jesus talks about being ready, about working and caring for those for whom we are responsible. He uses two examples: an individual who is "wise and faithful" and one who is "wicked." The wise and faithful one takes good and appropriate care, diligently working at the tasks at hand. The other, knowing the "master" is delayed, goofs off, mistreats people and purposefully hangs with the wrong crowd to have a good time. The latter will not be treated well in the end, Jesus says.

It seems that Jesus is being pretty simple and direct today. Continue in our work, the work of being the Body of Christ in the world today, building the kingdom Jesus opens for all of us. Be diligent and faithful and trustworthy. The rub is, the challenging part is, this work is never done. We are called to be doing this work constantly, always and everywhere. And the allure of the "drunkards" can be quite strong. We can easily ask: Aren't we done yet?

Jesus is being clear that we aren't ever done. And there can be, and there is, great joy in that knowledge, for the richness that imbues our life by this work of the kingdom far outweighs, by far outstrips, any of the transitory joys that hanging with the "drunkards" can bring.

For what are "drunkards" a metaphor in our individual worlds? What distracts us from our work being Christ's Body in this world?

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