Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Daily Office Reflection: Widening a Narrowed Vision

Psalms 78:1-39 * 78:40-72; Nehemiah 9:26-38; Revelation 18:9-20; Matthew 15:21-28

How often in life do we set a course for ourselves, put our blinders on, and keep going in the direction we believe is the appropriate one for us to be heading? When we do this, and we do not keep a wider view of the world as part of our journey, we can easily miss important things along the way.

Jesus isn't very nice today. He is dismissive and insulting to the Canaanite woman begging for him to help her daughter. His disciples are annoyed by her chasing after them, begging for help, as opposed to allowing her pleas to enter into their hearts. This strong woman does not allow this inappropriate behavior by Jesus, enabled by his disciples, to continue. She challenges Jesus, tearing off those blinders that he has set on his face, making him hear and see her. And he does. By stopping, enlarging his view, he is continuing the widening of his mission that is a developing story-line in Matthew.

Believing something so strongly is laudable and important, but not if we lose sight of the wider perspective of a world in need of our leadership, guidance, support and attention. Who are we going to pass by today because we are to pre-occupied with our own issues and dilemmas? Would it be possible for us, today, to stop for one of those many we chose to ignore and widen our perspective, and theirs, just a bit?

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