Friday, September 30, 2011

Daily Office Reflection: Healings

Psalms: 102 * 107:1-32; 2 Kings 19:1-20; 1 Corinthians 9:16-27; Matthew 8:1-17

Jesus is just healing everyone he comes across today. A leper, the centurion's servant, Peter's mother, and all those who were brought to him while he stayed at Peter's house. Healing stories. What are we to take away from these? How do we get healed?

All of us need healing at times. Many of us refuse to admit that fact to others, or perhaps even to ourselves. The kind of healing Jesus is involved with today is not only from physical disease or deformity, but also incapacity because of our emotional and spiritual state of being. Perhaps those are as important, if not more important than the physical healing we focus on so often. What is causing spiritual or emotional illness in our lives? How do we address those types of incapacities?

In our complicated and very busy lives, we can so easily not pay attention to these spiritual and emotional crisis' to the detriment of our well being. Talking to a professional....making an appointment with a spiritual advisor or counselor.....talking to a trusted friend.....praying....offering our talent to those who need assistance....are just a few of the ways of seeking healing of our emotional and spiritual selves.

How are we in need of healing? How do we start to be healed?

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