Friday, July 8, 2011

Daily Office Reflection: Mark's Good News Begins

Psalms 16, 17 * 22; 1 Samuel 17:17-30; Acts 10:34-48; Mark 1:1-13

There is something about Mark's Gospel that I find so appealing (most of the time). He is so "blood and guts," by which I mean: direct, to the point. He moves the narrative along at a quick pace, throwing out substantive details of Jesus' life and ministry in short and concise verses. In thirteen verses today we have the introduction of the Gospel, John the Baptist's introduction and preparation for Jesus, Jesus' appearance and baptism and identification as the Son, the Beloved, and his being driven into the wilderness being tempted and being tended by angels. That's just a whole ton of stuff to digest in one sitting.

I wonder if this manic-paced Gospel is appealing (again, most of the time) because it is so reflective of what our lives are so often like: hectic, swirling all around us, with life-altering events seeming to pass by in the blink of an eye. Like life, this Gospel is calling us to take it all in, and also to be reflective of what we have experienced and read. Many times, understanding comes over time, and sometimes it comes to us in a flash. We need to be open and sensitive to all forms of a deepening of our awareness of God in our lives. There are times when the waves of life crash over us, and other times when we can sit and be reflective as the waves of life lap at our feet. Allowing ourselves the room to experience both and still grow into our better selves, the clearer likeness of God, is an important part of each of our journeys.

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