Friday, January 22, 2010

Daily Office Reflection: Spirit and Truth

Psalms 31 * 35; Genesis 11:27-12:8; Hebrews 7:1-17; John 4:16-26

Two weeks ago today a medical condition was discovered and my 82 year old mother had the first of two operations to relieve pressure on her brain from a long-bleeding vein. She had a second brain operation the following Monday (11 days ago) to staunch a second bleeding incident. She remained in ICU for a little over a week and is now in a Rehab clinic regaining her strength and balance, getting her ready for independent living, which will hopefully re-start a week from now. The rapid pace of her recuperation is, I think, mirrored by the annoyance she expresses at being at this Rehab place and not home.

The neurosurgeon told me that if she survived the operations, which thankfully she has, her recovery would be very quick, which it is proving to be. In fact, he said, she will feel much better and more clear thinking quicker than her body will regain strength from being in bed for over a week. A true blessing of spirit and truth. A challenge to manage: expectations and desires and the reality of what she can and cannot yet do.

Jesus tells the Samaritan woman that all those who follow him must learn to worship God and understand God as spirit and truth. I saw God's hand at work in: the skill of the neurosurgeon, his OR teams and the ICU staff. I saw God's hand at work in the world by the care provided to me by my mother's friends and family.

No matter what comes our way, God is next to us, with us, supporting us, guiding us. There is spirit and truth all around us.

Copyright 2010, The Rev. John F. Dwyer. All Rights Reserved.

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