Thursday, October 16, 2008

Daily Office Reflection: Who Do YOU Say....

Psalms 18:1-20 * 18:21-50; Jonah 3.1-4.11; Acts 27:27-44; Luke 9:18-27

I feel kind of stuck in this idea of our need to be open to God. We see it in the end of the Jonah story today where Jonah's hissy-fit about God changing his mind about the destruction of Nineveh highlights that God's will is not necessarily ours. We also see this idea in the Luke account of Jesus asking his disciples who THEY say he is. It matters a great deal that we understand that Jesus is God and that God is God, but it also matters very much how we respond to that understanding.

God is God. We are not. God's love for us knows no bounds. Our ability to love is limited by our humanness, although we can improve our ability to love by opening ourselves to God's love for us. We become different people when we take that step.

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