Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Daily Office Reflection: Endings & Beginnings

Psalm 72 * 119:73-96; Judges 3:12-30; Acts 1:1-14; Matthew 27: 45-54

We have an interesting selection of readings in our lectionary today. In Judges we are at the beginning of the long spiral down for the people of Israel that is chronicled in this book. We are given the very beginning of Acts, where Jesus is with his disciples, post-resurrection and he gives his promise to the disciples of their receiving the Holy Spirit and then he ascends to Heaven. And in Matthew, Jesus dies on the cross today. Endings and beginnings all over the place.
Life is full of endings and beginnings: small and large, noticed and unnoticed. Each day begins and each day ends, and onward the cycle of life goes. It is so important that we not get stuck in a routine that allows us to ignore changes, to ignore endings and beginnings. These endings and beginnings allow us to appreciate life, which is far too short, whether we live 40 years or 100 years. Far too short to allow for ignoring what is all around us, the love that permeates all things and all of life. The readings today scream Wake up! Wake up to what is all around you, before it is too late and we don't awake in this world anymore, but in the one to come.
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